Pintxo Bristol



So anyone that knows me knows that simply, I love food. I always manage to make my student budget stretch so I can eat out, and my friends question if I actually ever go to uni or if I just go out for lunch all the time. I’m lucky enough to live by Whiteladies Road in Bristol which is an absolute foodie hub, so safe to say I was pretty desperate to try Pintxo. And wow this place didn’t disappoint! Pintxo is a sherry and tapas restaurant so I decided it was perfect to take my parents to when they came to collect me.

I absolutely adore tapas. I love the atmosphere of the restaurants; I love the variety of food available; I love trying out the different taste combinations in your mouth; and most of all, I love watching excitedly to see what’s going to come out of the kitchen and grace your table next. Between five of us (rents, sister and boyf), we managed to cover most of the menu (see the full list below, just a warning, it’s quite long):

Patatas Bravas (A classic, you can never go wrong)

Albóndigas (meatballs in spicy tomato) – they provided a tiny bit of heat, we quickly ended up ordering a second plate

Gambas al ajillo (prawns cooked in olive oil with garlic and chilli) – WOW WOW WOW

Calamares fritos con alioli (Calamari and alioli) – I am kinda obsessed with seafood, and this has to be some of THE BEST calamari I’ve ever had (2 plates again)

Txistorra (Basque sausage) – very similar to chorizo, just as delicious (if not more)

Croquetas de Cangrejo y azafrán (croquettes with spider crab an saffron) – Oh my were these good

Croquetas con chorizo – had to order 2 plates these were so good

Pimientos de Padrón fritos (small fried peppers) – eating these is a bit of a roulette, sometimes you will randomly get one that’s a bit spicy, I’m not massively into them but they went down very well with the others

Then the Churros and the almond cake for dessert. You know how when you get churros the chocolate sauce is often a bit disappointing, that is NOT the case with these.

All in all I’m now kinda obsessed with this place and will DEFINITELY be back again. The whole vibe was amazing. They’ve decorated in a pretty standard chic manner, with black leather and vintage posters inviting you to go visit Spain. I came away desperate to go on holiday.


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