Bristol Botanic Gardens

botanic gardens

So when I first moved to Bristol for uni I was like ooooh yeah city centre, why would anyone bother to live out in Stoke Bishop away from all the action? In retrospect, I’m very happy I did live in the city centre, but I also wouldn’t have hated having the botanic gardens on my doorstep. I feel like everyone in Stoke Bishop is too hungover/seshing/actually have uni to go to/don’t care about plants to go, because it is always so quiet and peaceful, and you hardly see any other students. And honestly it’s such a shame because it’s such an underrated little gem. I do really love plants anyway (am I 80? maybe?) but they’re just so calming that like, why wouldn’t you?

My favourite part is definitely the greenhouses. Lets be honest, I’m kinda basic, so I’m ALWAYS a sucker for a cactus and this place literally has shed loads.


So in short, GO GO GO! (p.s. it’s free for students)


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