Fame is a hard life

So because I am pretty blessed (and also do THE MOST CHILLED degree there is) I finished exams on the 16th May. Me and my coursemates were all gathered in Spoons when the fact that Antiques Roadshow was filming in Bristol came up in conversation. Us being the little keen beans that we are, all decided that we had to go along. So lo-and-behold the next day we all dressed up ready to be on telly and piled in an Uber to Bristol Aerospace. My parents absolutely love the show and so I was semi tempted to just not tell them I was going so it would be a surprise when I popped up on telly.

Ngl we ended up being filmed A LOT more than we thought. As you are probably aware, the usual audience for Antiques Roadshow is, shall we say, no longer 20 (hell even i’m no longer 20 wtf), so as a group of 5 young ladies, the men in charge of filming would literally come and grab us and be like ‘stand here at the front’. We ended up in the closing scene, right at the front, about a metre from Fiona Bruce. (I’m just going to go off on a tangent here) WE LOVE FIONA BRUCE. We were all fangirling so much, turning round excitedly like ‘OMG she just smiled at me’. There wasn’t actually as much taking about the objects as we hoped, we were hoping to find some really cool paintings but sadly not. There was still loads to do, we went in a concord and on some vintage buses (see pic below)

classic cars

Although I caved and told my parents, I’m actually really excited to see it when it airs (sad, I know lol).


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