Brooklyn Pizza

So this next post is a lil review of Brooklyn Pizza in Northampton (wooo my hometown). Me and the beautiful Charly went to go test it out!

“I’m in my happy place” – Charly

Brooklyn Pizza has been open for a little while, but truth be told I don’t really go into Northampton all that much. The restaurant is an absolute gem, nestled away down a little side street and too easily overlooked. The interior is so cool, it’s quite stripped back. They had some really cool neon lights (see above), metro themed paintings on the walls and an all round cool Brooklyn sports-bar vibe. Brooklyn is also a brewery as well so they had a range of their own beers (but we didn’t try this because it was lunch and we haven’t reached that point yet).

brooklyn pizza

On to the pizza! Hopefully the pic above is enough to make you drool. I went for the meaty like the protein loving cavewoman that I am. And Charly, being veggie, went for the Smoked Balsamic pizza. It was really cool to see some veggie things on the menu that aren’t just standard (such as the marmite pizza). Brooklyn also do a pizza called ‘the Brooklyn’ which has bachamel, prawns and spinach, and ngl that sounded pretty insane too! The pizza was sooooooo good! There was so much topping and cheesy deliciousness. The mozarella had a beautiful stringy pull on it. Overall 8/10 would deffo go again! And it’s even on JustEat

munching pizza


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