Arty pics

For this next post, I want to introduce to you one of my beautiful best friends (and the girl that got me into blogging), Jas!

painted faces

So Jas has an absolute amazing blog, and we often go on trips and go out and do stuff so she can get some cool content. So we decided to have a day where we tried out some cool photoshoots. We had a look at some ideas online before and saw people talk about making their own colour bombs, they said it was easy and you just had to crush up chalk in a plastic bag. PSA it was NOT easy! The websites made out like it would work just as well, but honestly we just ended up looking a bit dusty and the chalk cloud lasted like a second if that. After many experiments, we caved and decided to try putting powdered paint on our faces instead (like you can see above).

paint fight.jpg

Here’s one of the pics that Jas took. Personally I love it! I mean we could probably use a bit of work but I think it makes for a pretty cool portrait. I’m sure we will be trying out loads of other stuff so watch this space!


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