The Eden Project

rope bridge.jpg

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who 1. is amazing and 2. lives in Cornwall, one of the most beautiful parts of the country. When I went to go and visit him over easter, The Eden Project was first on our list of things to see. As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE plants and gardens, so the Eden Project is literally my dream place for a date.

Just a bit of history: the site of the Eden Project used to be a quarry, then the Eden Project charity bought the site and developed it into this amazing garden with biodomes to raise awareness of the environment, and show how we can transform these spots that appear to have had all their resources drained and where plant life struggles to survive. eden project biomes.jpg

The grounds consist of these two massive biodomes which house plants inside. One has a mediterranean/dessert climate, and one is a tropical rainforest. We started off in the Mediterranean one and omg I was in heaven. There we SO MANY amazing species of plants from dry regions in multiple continents (Africa, Australian, Southern Europe). They had even constructed some Mediterranean style buildings to have plants trailing over.

eden project 2

We saved the tropical climate one for second because I’m kind of obsessed with tropical countries and plants. It was AMAZING. Inside this biodome they had managed to basically construct a whole rainforest. They had rope bridges and waterfalls and plants of all sorts. There was even a viewpoint (it was something like 60 meters high) but sadly it was closed on the day we went. By the time we were on the rope bridge level it was already well into the 30s and was sweltering.

eden project

The Eden Project is an absolutely fantastic place. The project is a charity and I think they are such a worthy and important cause, especially for raising issues surrounding the environment and climate change. I also love that they have managed to completely transform the area and lead the way in how we can reverse the damage caused to these climates and preserve nature. I urge everyone to go!


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