Erm what do you actually do?

I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you guys what I actually do. So to sum it up, I am a student at the University of Bristol and I’m studying History of Art.

For ages I was so set on doing a degree that actually involved making art, then I remember one lesson, our teacher decided to do a bit of theory with us and actually go into depth with how to properly analyse an image. The particular example she used was Picasso’s Guernica, and by the end of the lesson I was absolutely entranced. I realised there and then that that is what I wanted to do (lets ignore me having a few wobbles and declining my place at uni the first time round). I’m not sure many people actually really know what history of art is. I would sum it up as learning history through paintings. We learn a lot about artistic movements, from the renaissance to land art and everything in between. And I absolutely LOVE it. Art is such a diverse and fantastic subject and learning about it is so fascinating. It encompasses things like psychology, it is highly political, and I think it allows a much better insight into how people in history viewed the world than anything you can read in a history book. Because it is so visual it is also fantastic for people who struggle with other essay subjects, such as people who have dyslexia for example.

When I first got to uni and started lectures I honestly was so excited. I loved going and learning and it felt like I had revelations about artworks literally every lecture. I was hungry for more! In first year I did some really cool modules: introductions to early modern and modern art, how objects are displayed and how this affects how we see them, and all about artists and their lives and how much we should separate this from the artwork they produce. In my second year I have done modules on histories and theories, sculpture and the body, architecture and urbanism, Paris and curating (where we had to make our own exhibitions. It is honestly so broad, many early modern artists (renaissance etc.) also designed buildings, so although I don’t study architecture I could hold a relatively intelligent conversation about early modern Italian architecture. I’m honestly so excited for what third year holds. The course is so chill as well, and I think it makes such a difference when you love something.


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