What about for work?

So following on from my last post about what I do for uni, I thought I would continue talking about myself and let you know a bit about what I do for work as well (sadly I can’t just live on my student loan). I’m one of those people that dabbles in several jobs, I have a couple of jobs on 0 hours contracts (I know there’s a bit of controversy surrounding them but for me they are PERFECT). I’ll tell you about my two main ones.

Sales Assistant

When I say ‘sales assistant’ it really doesn’t sound all that exciting at all. Basically I work for a temping agency as a sales assistant. I’m based in Bicester village which is this shopping village with loads of designer shops. It really cool because it means some days I can be in Christian Dior and the next I could be in Sandro, Calvin Klein or Prada. It is actually a really cool job, don’t get me wrong it’s still a retail job but it sounds quite fancy and I absolutely love my colleagues. I’ve spent the majority of my time in a shop called Clive Christian. Clive Christian started out as the crown perfumery to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1872. Clive Christian currently holds the title for selling the world’s most expensive perfume.

Undergraduate Mentor

For my other job I work through the uni going into local schools and teaching art and honestly I LOVE IT. I tend to teach secondary school kids so like 12 and up. It’s so nice to be able to put some of the knowledge I’ve gained from my degree to use and I find it so rewarding. I definitely think I want to become a teacher at some point in the future.

So yeah I don’t really work that much but it is enough to get a bit of money to do nice things and go on holiday. I’m lucky enough to do jobs that I enjoy, with people I really like.



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