This summer looks set to (touch wood) be one of my best yet. As I’m writing this I have just worked my last shift at Bicester Village (for the summer not forever) and am preparing for an amazing summer of travelling and adventure, so I thought I would share with you guys what I have coming up.

Firstly I am going to Paris with my family. I have been doing a module about Paris and Parisian artists so it’s nice to go with all that knowledge. I’ve only ever been once before and that was a few years ago so there is still so much to see! I absolutely love Paris, I think it has to be my favourite city. Every street is just beautiful and I adore the culture.

After Paris I am going on a little girly road trip to go and see one of my best friends (and flatmate from first year) in Morocco. I CANNOT WAIT. It is going to be an amazing week with some of my best friends, also I haven’t seen her since we said goodbye last year so it will be amazing to be reunited.

After this I have a three month internship in Beijing. Which is terrifying but also very exciting. This is the one that I feel like it hasn’t hit me yet because I will be away for such a long time. It should be amazing to actually get to know the city and have a long time to explore it. Honestly if anyone has a tips or recommendations please drop me a message! I think the thought of not being able to use loads of the social media platforms is scaring me the most because it will be so hard to keep in contact with people. On the other hand I think it will be really nice to just have a break from it.

So yeah watch this space for all that to come!


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