Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m addicted to shoes

So today’s post is all about my first and foremost true love, SHOES. More specifically, what shoes I am wearing this summer.

Pair 1 (left) – Trainers, Public Desire

So I’ve seen a massive explosion of chunky trainers this summer ever since Balenciaga unveiled theirs. And I am definite here for it. At first I was a bit hesitant but they’re fun, colourful and most importantly comfy. I absolutely adore this pair, They are surprisingly more versatile than I thought and I find them really flattering. I have some holidays lined up where I will have to do a lot of walking so these will definitely be coming with me!

Pair 2 (middle) – Double strap platform sandals, Office

I already own a pair of Birkenstocks (sadly not double strap, more flip-flop-like), also I am a poor student so I didn’t want to fork out for a pair of legit Birkenstocks. I’m so glad I went for these. they look really good with most outfits and I am all about the platform at the minute. Sadly the first time I wore them I went for a long walk and they rubbed blisters, and i had to sit down on a patch of grass by Clifton Suspension Bridge and take them off. By the time I was home I was pretty much in agony. Hopefully I’ve broken them in now though!

Pair 3 (right) – Platform Espadrilles, ASOS

I am doing a teaching internship (we will get to this later) and aren’t allowed to wear sandals but I wanted something summery so I decided to go for these. White is quite a bold choice but I searched in loads of shops for closed toe platform espadrilles, and let me tell you, they are few and far between (also the pair I liked in black had sold out) so I decided to go for these instead. I’m really glad I did, they fit pretty much perfectly and look very cute.


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