The Big Chop

face mask 3

It occurred to me that I never actually did anything when I got my hair cut so here goes. One thing that unites males and females alike, is the fact that a haircut is a right of passage. For boys it’s a social thing, they go in groups to the barber shop before a big night out, entering looking all scruffy, and emerging with a nice crisp hairline (hopefully) and the freshest of fades. Lets be honest, in school a haircut could make or break a guy. We all had it where the guy we had a crush on went for a haircut, and sadly when he came in the next day you realised you no longer blushed when he looked your way. The cold hard truth was that you just didn’t fancy him as much any more. Alternatively we all also had that kid with long, slightly greasy hair, who got it all cut off one day and suddenly he looked like a whole different person. They are honestly nothing short of a miracle.

For women, they symbolise a new stage in our lives. A tip to all you guys out there, if a girl leaves her hair the same after you break up, she probably doesn’t hate your guts and there will reach a point you can be friends again. However if she cuts her hair off, dyes it, or even styles it differently then YOU ARE OVER. BYE. YOU’RE OUT HER LIFE AND NEVER COMING BACK INTO IT. We all do it. We plan days, maybe even weeks in advance what we are going to get done. Gather images from Pinterest (or maybe that’s just me idk). We go in feeling like caterpillars and emerge like beautiful, freshly blowdried butterflies.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m going to China this summer. I remember last time I went to Asia, the humidity absolutely destroyed my hair. I caved and ended up buying hair mask after hair mask and oils and everything but sadly it just wasn’t having any of it. Several friends even delicately suggested that I get a haircut. I could hardly even wear it down and just spent 4 months with it in plaits or scraped into a bun. The weird thing is that when I got home it just went back to how it was before. So yeah the point is my hair hates humidity. But I thought this time when I go away i want to avoid all that, hence the chop. (As well as this it was just a bit of a pain in the ass because it was so long and heavy). Do I regret it? HELL NO. Will I start to regret it in a month or so and want my long hair back? Probably yes. But the beauty of hair is that it grows.


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