A strong and stable relationship

mum and dad

Today is my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary so I thought I would do a little post about them.

So a bit of back story, my parents both met at uni in halls because my mum would start cooking then go and have a phone call with my gran and it would burn, so my dad would go and rescue the cooking for her. They got married in 93 then 4 years later this goddess came along. I reckon there must have been some really difficult points for them, there is in any marriage, but honestly they made it look like a breeze.

I think my parents having such a strong marriage is why I consider marriage to be something really important. I know as a feminist I should be all like ‘screw marriage I don’t want to be contractually owned by a man’, but I really do just love the idea of having someone there to love you and rely on. This may make me sound a bit mental but I honestly cannot wait to have a wedding and get a dress and plan everything. Also HONEYMOON. I am so glad that I had a really happy home growing up because honestly it must SUCK having your parents go through a divorce. It really scares me that you can build a family and a life with someone for it all to turn sour and to fall out of love. I think that has to be one of my biggest fears. I can completely see how experiencing it with your parents could put you off getting married. If and when I do get married I definitely want it to be my only marriage. Anyway this took a slightly sad turn. In short, Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad x


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