End of second year

So now my second year at uni is done, I want to have a little reflect on everything that I’ve done and things that have changed. Hope you enjoy my pics x

Over the summer of first year I went through a pretty horrible break-up. Instead of wallowing in it I decided to really kick start second year with some fun activities. The first thing was meeting up with some of my best friends I made whilst travelling and going to Disneyland. I definitely wouldn’t call myself Disney obsessed, but I’d never been to Disneyland before and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was also amazing to actually meet up with my friends after so long. We talked about going to Disneyland while we were travelling but you don’t really expect to actually be able to! The second thing was Tokyo World which is a 2 day music festival in Bristol. I didn’t get to go in first year because it’s so close to the start of term but I’m so glad I went this year. It was honestly one of my favourite weekends.

So the first major change was probably moving into a house (instead of halls) and all the changes this brings, mainly paying bills. I have absolutely loved being in a different area of Bristol because it means I have got to explore so much more. Also I really love my housemates which makes it all the better.

In October I went on a family trip to Vienna which was also amazing. Travelling really is my main passion so any excuse to go away I will take it. Vienna is a beautiful city no matter what time of year, full of art and culture. (I’ll do a whole post about it shortly)

roy lichtenstein

As far as my course goes, I have really enjoyed learning this year. Every module I have picked has been really interesting and just cemented the fact I am doing the course for me. Luckily most of my grades have been good (not all of them I mean you can’t have it all) but I’m finishing on a good grade to go into third year with. Alongside my degree I also got a job going into local schools and teaching art (I’ve talked about it in a previous blog post). I’ve absolutely loved the job and it’s given me the chance to do some really cool things like a collaboration with the museum developing education packs.

This year I’ve also met some really amazing people and developed friendships with some of the amazing friends I have already. I am so grateful for everyone in my life because they really do make the experience. Which leads me on to my next big change…

valentines day

This year I met my amazing boyfriend Jack. He’s so lovely and an absolute gem and I’m so happy he is in my life.

So there we go, that’s most of the changes that have happened in my life this past year. I mean a lot else has happened this year but these are the main ones.



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  1. What an awesome year for you! Sometimes it takes something real bad (your breakup) to wake you up especially to start living. You’re pictures look so great and I want to go do Disneyland so bad!! I went as a child, but the true enjoyment would be as an adult I think. Great post!

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    1. Yeah I think it really makes you appreciate the tile you have with your friends! I never went as a child so it was amazing even as an adult, definitely worth going back ☺️❤️


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