Morocco (part 1)

It feels like this summer has been absolutely go go go for me. As you will (hopefully) have read, I’ve recently been to Paris, and now have just come back from Morocco. I’m lucky enough that one of my best friends is Moroccan so we had her as a tour guide which was amazing!

camel riding 2.jpg

I don’t even know where to begin describing Morocco. It’s lively, colourful and beautiful. The landscape is awe inspiring and the culture is amazing. Dry, arid dessert burns under the sun; huts rise from the land, crowning the hills; brightly coloured buildings line the narrow streets, and shops selling everything you could want pour out onto the street.

We started the trip by flying into Rabat. We ate dinner at an amazing little restaurant called Le Petit Beurre. The walls were adorned with the beautiful tiles Morocco is famous for, and a man sat playing traditional music. My first meal was a Pastilla, a pastry dish stuffed with spiced chicken, dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar. It was a flavour explosion in my mouth. In the morning we drove about 4 hours north to the Rif mountains and Chefchaouen. It is potentially the most beautiful place I’ve ever ben. Pictures do not do it justice.

Famous for it’s buildings painted vivid hues of blue, the city is nestled in the mountains. It felt like every few steps we took forward we had to whip out our cameras and take more photos because it was just so beautiful. We headed through the medina to the waterfalls on the other side. We didn’t do the trek to the waterfalls as we didn’t have the time, but we still got to see the streams running down the mountainside.

bikini pic

Whilst there, we stayed just outside the city in the gorgeous Auberge Dardara, an absolutely stunning family run inn. Our rooms were traditionally decorated and absolutely beautiful. The pool was stunning, giving views of the mountains behind it. The inn is surrounded by farmland where they grow all their own food, and my god was it good. We ate like kings on dishes such as fig and goat tagine, home made goats cheese, fresh bread and vegetables. In short, it was PHENOMENAL. In the evening we rode some mules into the farmland around the auberge.

donkey riding



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