Morocco (part 3) MARRAKECH


I don’t really know where to start with Marrakech because it is so amazing. It feels a lot more touristy than the other places we went to and you can tell there is a bit more money in the city because of this. We stayed at the Kenzi Menara Palace which was one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. Our rooms were stunning and we spent ages at the pool which was huge and beautiful. In the evening we headed to Buddha Bar which was absolutely fantastic. The decoration inside was absolutely superb with a massive gold Buddha statue centre stage and huge, ornate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. After dinner we went out to ladies night at Theatro. Oh my god it was amazing. Ladies got in for free and got all theirs drinks for free which is never a bad start. At 3am loads of people dressed up in costumes and on stilts came out and there was lazers and it was just incredible.

Sadly we had to get up at 8am the next morning to head out quad-biking. We did a quad biking tour with Quad Lac et Désert and I would 100% recommend them. Staff were friendly and helpful and the route they took us on was absolutely amazing. I’m not totally sure where about we were but it was like the start of the Sahara Dessert and the bottom of the Atlas Mountains and it was absolutely stunning. The landscape was pretty barren with rolling hills and dirt tracks. It felt like there was no civilisation for miles but it was so so beautiful. Part way through we stopped at a house which some lovely people had opened up for us and had a drink of Moroccan mint tea. At the house there was a little of puppies which we all fell in love with.

After quadbiking we headed into the medina to have an explore. Markets in Morocco are definitely not my favourite place, and I’m very glad we had my friend with us. People were grabbing us and pulling us and trying to out snakes round our neck and I just generally wasn’t a fan. After that we headed to the Jardins Majorelle which I was absolutely blown away by. In the grounds in the Yves Saint Laurent museum, and all throughout the garden there’s YSL blue. The gardens are a mix of huge, amazing cacti and beautiful water features. I think it has to be one of my favourite places.


In the evening as the sun was starting to go down a bit we headed off to go and do camel riding. This is something I have always wanted to try so I was so excited.

As it turns out camels are a lot bumpier than I expected. I know it sounds pretty stupid and I had been told that you have to hold on tight when they stand up/lie down, but they really do send you jumping out your seat quite a lot. Regardless, I thought they were absolutely amazing and would definitely do it again. It was one of those times that didn’t feel real, the scenery was so amazing. For dinner we went to Comptoir, which again, was incredible. During dinner there was a belly dance show which was fantastic to watch. I had a tagine d’agneau which I think has fast become my favourite thing. A lamb shank is the heart of the dish and the meat just flakes off. To compliment this, the dish features prunes, cooked to perfection, giving the dish a beautiful, sweet tang.

All in all, I absolutely loved Morocco. The quality you get for relatively little money is fantastic. I’m really glad I had my friend with me to negotiate down taxi prices and things but I think you get that anywhere. I can’t wait to go back.


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