The difficulty of describing China

Firstly, apologies that I haven’t posted in so long, I got too carried away with things and was very busy.


So in this post, I wanted to tackle one major issue: how do you go about describing your experiences, especially when they weren’t all that great

Coming back from China, all my friends and family wanted to hear how it was and what I had been up to but I really had no idea where to start. Don’t get me wrong…for the most part, I had a good time and I’m glad I went. But I also spent lots of the time just wanting to come home – I asked to move my flights earlier and at one point (about halfway through) I was even looking at flights home for the next week.

At one point (about halfway through) I was even looking at flights home for the next week.

There is no doubt about it: I hit a major wall. I was sick of the food; sick of the heat; sick of my job; sick of where I was staying; sick of how different it was to home; and missing my family, boyfriend, and friends. No matter how lovely my friends and colleagues were there was really no cheering me up. I WANTED OUT!!!! And to make it worse I felt guilty for wanting to come home because to my Chinese friends this was their home and their country and I was so obviously hating it. I definitely didn’t fall in love with China the same way I have done with most other countries that I’ve been to.

Once I was over the hump and the end was in sight, it did pick up. My hours at work got cut back so I had time to just chill, I went away to Tokyo and Hainan (posts to follow), and I just all around enjoyed myself more. But the patch in the middle where I was just so done with the country really tainted the whole experience. So now that raises the issue of what do I say to people when they ask me how it was? I could just lie and say ‘yeah I loved it’, but that’s not really the truth. And no one really knows how to react when you say ‘God I hated it, I wanted to come home at least 8 times a day’ (also there were some really good parts so that doesn’t seem fair either). It is very hard to convey to someone the sense of ‘just get me out of this shitting country’ but also that you actually quite liked it.

In retrospect, I can see many great things about my time: I met some wonderful people, I ate lots of good food, I saw lots of amazing sights, and it was just an all round fantastic experience that I’m very fortunate to have. But when people ask me if I would go back, the answer is a solid no.


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