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For me, I reckon that Barcelona was pretty much my perfect holiday destination. When I think about all the things I consider to be important: weather, stuff to do, food, you really cannot fail it in any of those areas. Being a bit of an art lover and general culture vulture, I absolutely lovely the influence of the architect Gaudi on the city. He is truly the city’s pride and joy, with many buildings across the city having been designed by him. Gaudi draws in tourists from afar and it’s easy to see why. His crazy organic lines and bold style are so distinctive, and something not easily replicated.

We started off with the Casa Batllo. With its colourful tiles and wobbly looking windows and balconies, it is instantly recognisable from the outside. From the inside, it is equally stunning. All the little unusual details such as tiles graduating in colour as they get higher up to reflect the light, and amazing plasterwork on the ceilings leading into a spiral which completely alters the room, all add up to form an absolutely astounding piece of architecture.


The second one we explored was the Casa Milà. The building is mostly residential apartments, however, you can still visit one, and the amazing rooftop is open for beautiful views of the city. The weather was perfect, never too hot but still beautifully sunny, and we did this towards the end of the day in golden hour which made the experience all the better.


What trip to Barcelona would be complete without a look round Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral? Designed and started in 1882, the Sagrada Familia has been under construction for what can only be described as a bloody long time, but hey, genius takes time. The building really is absolutely beautiful but inside and out. The level of detail that has gone into the carvings on the exterior is amazing, and inside it is the masses of stained glass illuminating the inside with every colour of the rainbow that really steals the show. The way he has played with light, especially in shaping the ceiling requires such skill and depth of thought.


The last place of Gaudi design that we went to was the Park Güell. Perched on the top of a hill, it was originally intended as a housing development away from the industrial city. It has now been turned into beautiful parks with touches of Gaudi’s architecture all over the place.


I was really blown away by the views of the city right down to the sea. You could even see the Sagrada Familia, the sign of Gaudi’s unrivaled influence.

I promise you we didn’t just spend all our time visiting Gaudi monuments (just most of it). We also headed down La Rambla to take a look at the shops and food markets. And took the cable car up Montjüic. In the evenings we strolled around the city and hopped from tapas bar to tapas bar, drinking copious amounts of sangria and getting my sister drunk.


I would absolutely love to go back to Barcelona, it was a beautiful city, bursting with life, colour, and amazing food. The atmosphere was so welcoming and the city so beautiful.


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