Tokyo as a modern metropolis

tokyo .jpg

So hopefully you’ve been keeping up to date and have read my historical Tokyo post. For this one, I thought I would take a look at Tokyo as a modern metropolis – an absolutely huge city of technological innovation. The above photo was taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building looking out over the city. the building was free to enter, you just head up in some escalators to the top floor where they have an observation deck.


One of the most amazing places was the Shibuya crossing. Rumoured to be the busiest intersection in the world, it takes thousands of people in all directions from the station to wherever they need to be. Surrounded by towering, neon blocks, the Shibuya crossing is pretty overwhelming, but insanely cool at the same time. There are quite a few buildings around where you can go and sit and watch all the people scatter left, right and centre. There is something almost hypnotic about watching everyone.


Tokyo, in general, is just pretty crazy. Jam-packed with sky-high buildings, every street you go down just seems so photogenic and cool. One of the places we found really interesting was the electric district, Akihabara. When we went they were doing a scheme to get more people to walking and had closed some of the roads to vehicles – this meant we managed to take some pretty awesome photos standing in the streets. The electric district is packed full of really cool arcades, anime/manga shops, quite a lot of maid cafes, and a 6 story sex department store. Wild. I know. If you love video games or popular Japanese exports such as anime then this is completely the place for you. Even, if like us, you aren’t all that interested in it, this is still an amazing place to visit.


Another really cool place is Harajuku, known as the street style hotspot in Tokyo. The Harajuku streets are packed full of ridiculously cool clothes shops selling all sorts of wacky stuff you would never even dream of. I mean furry bras?


Whilst we were there, we had to try one of the snacks that Harajuku is famous for – crepes! We had read online that Patisserie Marion did some of the best so we headed for that. And we were definitely not disappointed. I had a strawberry cheesecake one which was stuffed to the brim with strawberry sauce, cream, ice cream, a slice of cheese and fresh strawberries. It was to die for!


In the evening we headed to a ridiculously cool area called Golden Gai. It is basically a few streets of tiny little buildings that are all bars. Normally they seat under ten people and are friendly little family run places. We stopped off here for some plum wine (amazing) and to chat to some people who ran the bars. There were so many places to choose from it was so hard, I’m talking row after row of choice. Quite a few of the bars had cover charges to pay so we tried to head for one that didn’t.

Tokyo has some many cool buildings, it is pretty much impossible not to whack your phone out at any opportunity and take pictures. There is so much contrast between old and new but it all just works so perfectly.



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