Hello and welcome to my blog! This is a general mish-mash and random ramblings on my life and travels. I absolutely love exploring the world and I tried my best to pass on some of these tips!

boston tea party

Head to my about me page to find out a little bit more about some of the stuff I’m interested in and my life in general including hair care, skincare, food reviews, and just general introductions to my life. 

Here are just a few of the countries I have visited and written about so far, I hope to keep adding to them.


On this page, I currently have Paris, Vienna, and Rome. I have actually been to loads more European countries/cities but quite a lot of them were when I was younger so I don’t remember masses about them. I’m working on it though!


Summer 2018, I was lucky enough to do an internship based in Beijing, most of these blogs are my adventures at the weekend and what I got up to in my spare time. Due to the internet restrictions in China, I found that there wasn’t masses of information before I went there and I wanted to know about a few more cool places.


Whilst in China I took a long weekend over to Tokyo. I did Japanese in school for GCSE so it’s a country I was so excited to visit.


My flat-mate from first year and one of my best friends is Moroccan so we took a big girls trip over there to go and visit and did a little road trip visiting several cities.

Another quite cool thing about me (I think so anyway) is that I’m deputy travel editor of my uni magazine. You can find my articles linked on my other projects page

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